Friday, March 12, 2010

The Building Series

I've started printing the Building Series. Mostly because I needed a contribution for the uni 102 journal. I block printed a single copy on rice paper (thanks Kathy P for that idea). As you will see below, I had to append an artist's statement to the image. So, from the Building Series--UVic:

Architects talk of buildings as planes, space, and mass. In the Building Series, my prints simplify their subjects back into these elements, and discuss them in terms of their impositional space; the way in which the built environment imposes itself in the natural and conceptual world.
Building Series—Uvic: Building #1 is a representation of the Clearihue Building. When we first begin attending classes in the building, we find the building itself generates an emotional response in us, becoming a concrete representation of our fears and trepidations. But as the term continues and we begin to come to grips with these worries, the building itself begins to become less fearsome and more neutral—indeed, it can even become welcoming. Yet even as our relationship with the built environment changes, the building itself never changes. It remains a collection of planes and masses in space.