Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not Actually Dead

Just into the winter months. I've not been bone idle, either. I've three more blocks cut and ready to be printed.

Hard to tell what they are at this point, I know. Once I get them printed, it should be easier to tell what the images are. I hope. Boy, I really hope so. Be bloody awful, otherwise.
I've also picked up some stuff called "Mask-Ease" from Opus. It's a quick mask for silkscreening. I've cut one, but still have to mount and print it.

This is it half-completed. It's planned as part of a series called " Vancouver Buildings" (yes, highly inventive name), but that may change if I don't like the results.
The Mask-Ease is nothing more than sticky-back vinyl. You cut it and remove the positive. But then you apply another sticky-back vinyl over top of the positive and use it to transfer the image over to the screen. Its the transfer vinyl that really makes the product. We'll see how well it works.

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