Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Great Wall of Vagina

via The Guardian
Yup. The Great Wall of Vagina by Jaimie McCarthy is looking for a permanent home.  According to The Guardian:
McCartney’s wall featured in the opening exhibition of Mona in Australia, the largest private gallery in the Southern Hemisphere, and was last exhibited in 2013 at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. The artwork is currently sitting in crates in his studio, gathering dust. After the Italian show, McCartney got interested in other projects and hadn’t begun searching for a permanent location to house it until recently. “I don’t want to exhibit in a sex museum,” he said. “It’s not about sex; it’s just anatomy. For me, it’s a serious artwork and it should be in a serious museum.”
 Fascinating concept. Real conversation starter. And McCarthy is doing it again (and again. and again),with The Sum of Our Parts and Mondcivitano – The Women of the World.

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