Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Managed to get some printing done yesterday. Not sure how I feel about the final results, though. I tried a few different things, mostly papers. the end result? I still printed "Ferns" on watercolour paper for the main series and on the Khadi for the proof print I'll frame. But the results on rice paper? Ferns

This was just laid on the scanner, and you can see that there's a certain amount of crinkle-age...
The rice paper is some I picked up marked "Calligraphy practice paper" and I bought the cheapest for the most sheets (there were three or four different packages of at least two different weights). I bought it for a separate project which requires me to upgrade my Sumi-e skills, but after (I think) Kathy suggested I try printing on rice paper, I decided to give it a try.
This was cut on a different lino, as well. Instead of the Speedball pre-mounted I had (a grey coloured lino mounted on particle board), this was a light brown lino that I mounted myself. I was surprised at the difference. The brown is coarser, grain-ier, with a little more tendency to crumple. The image was difficult to cut; I kept confusing field and ground.
I also pulled a proof print or two of a second block.
Bottomed Out

This proof was also pulled on rice paper. I'm not sure how I feel about the image; I may go back and cut a new block to try and improve it. And you know, both images look better in the scans than they do on paper.

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