Friday, August 28, 2009

What I'm Doing During The Day

Basement renovation, that's what. Above is the basement with one bit of wall removed. You can see it's dark and miserable. The two closets and the wrought iron railing on the right of the photo went out to the side-walk with a free sign on them and the closets were gone within ten minutes. The wrought iron railing took a little longer, but was gone within 24 hours.

After tearing out the walls, things were a lot more open and bright. Well, the open garage door didn't hurt.... But it looks like the space will work for what the client wants--a small suite. Though the wall behind the closets in the first picture is now going to have to leave as well.
Not the easiest project I've ever taken on, though easily the largest I've done for someone else.
I laid out my thoughts on the room break-up today--trying out various things by laying lumber on the floor and getting a feel for how the space will break. The client has already come up with some new ideas for what she wants, so this was a chance to see how those would play out.
Thankfully, with a day of resting, my arm seems to have recovered most of its strength and usability. I have to say I was scared I'd done permanent damage to it the other day. But I seem to have dodged that bullet....

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