Friday, August 28, 2009

In Progress

A quick shout out to Stephanie, for letting my use her table the other day. Printing does take up a lot of room--I'll have to design and build a collapsible or storable rack for drying prints.
The prints of "Ferns" drying here (and a proof copy of "Bottomed Out" in the lower right of the photo--showing a little at least of the Khadi paper I used for the proofs I plan to keep) were printed in an acrylic ink, but still took a long tome to dry. I ended up interleaving the prints with rice paper and then separating them again once I got them home. Good thing I did both those things--the ink was still a little tacky and would have contact printed to the back of the print laying on top of it. Not end of the world, but messy and unnecessary.
It's weird--I really like the look of the exposed sunken boat in "Bottomed Out" on both the scan and in this photo. But when I look at the original, I don't see anything of what I see here.I just see a mess of lines that fail to communicate.

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